Kamran Ikram, Yasir Niaz, Shanawar Hamid, Muhammad Usman Ghani, Muhammad Zeeshan Mansha, Muhammad Adnan Bodlah, Muhammad Nadeem, Muhammad Mubashar Omar, Faizan Shabir, Muhammad Mohsin Waqas, Hassan Arshad, Robeel Ali, Ghulam Yasin, Shoaib Hassan, M. Bilal Akram

DOI: 10.26480/bda.02.2020.41.46

Air ride suspension carries the load on each axle with a pressurized air bag just as a high pressure balloon. This system provides the smoothest and most shock free ride of any of the known vehicle suspension system. An air suspension includes a multiple air spring assemblies that each includes a piston airbag and a primary airbag mounted over the piston airbag. The primary and piston airbags each have a variable volume that is controlled independently of the other for active suspension control. The system automatically adjusts air pressure in the air bag so that the trailer always rides at the same height, whether lightly loaded or heavily loaded. The higher air bag pressure associated with higher trailer loads automatically provides a stiffer suspension which is required for a smooth ride. The lower air bag pressure for lightly loaded conditions automatically provides for a softer suspension, thus providing the same ride quality for all trailer loading conditions. Since each axle is independently supported by its own air bag, the air ride suspension is known as fully independent suspension system. The automatic control of the air bag pressure is accomplished by a solid state electronic control system specifically designed and packaged for vehicle use. This system continuously checks the ride height of the suspension and accordingly increases air pressure if the ride height is too low, by turning ‘ON’ an on-board air compressor. The air compressor stops automatically when the proper ride height is reached.

Climate, Cotton, Rainfall, Temperature, Humidity