Kriti Poudel, Ram Hari Timilsina, Anish Bhattarai

DOI: 10.26480/bda.01.2021.06.11

The experiment was carried out to know the effect of crop establishment methods on yield of spring rice at Khairahani, Chitwan in 2020. The research was layout on Randomized Complete Block Design with 4 treatments and 5 replications. Treatments on the research plot were mechanical transplanting, wet direct seeding, dry direct seeding and manual transplanting of rice. Hardinath-1 variety of rice was planted on 2075-12-17 in research plot. Observations on plant growth parameter (plant height, number of tillers per m2) at different dates of observation and yield attributes (effective tillers, length of panicle, total grain per panicle, Thousand Grain Weight, grain yield, straw yield, Harvest Index) were recorded. Data entry was done in MS Excel and statistical analysis was done using R-studio. From the research, effective tillers per meter square were 433.12, 492, 260.7 and 305, panicle length was 24.82 cm, 22.20cm, 23.52cm and 23.32cm, grains per panicle were 185.8, 159.2, 121.4 and130.4, thousand grain weight was 24.3gm, 22.9gm, 24.1gm and 24.6gm, sterility percentage was 23.51, 21.43, 21.54 and 18 respectively in mechanical transplanting, wet direct seeding, dry direct seeding and manual transplanting of rice. The highest grain yield (6.46t/ha), straw yield (11.98t/ha), gross returns (NRs 155.62 thousands ha-1) and net returns (NRs 81.28 thousands ha-1) with a benefit cost ratio of 2.1 was found in mechanical transplanting followed by manual transplanting with 5.10 t/ha grain yield and 9.40 t/ha straw yield. Similarly, wet direct seeding had grain yield of 3.40 t/ha and straw yield of 6.48t/ha. The lowest grain yield (2.36t/ha), straw yield (3.72 t/ha), gross returns (NRs 56.57 thousands ha-1), net returns (NRs -9.97 thousands ha -1) and B:C ratio(0.84) was observed in dry direct seeding of rice. With an average of 4.33 t/ha grain yield in different methods of crop establishment, mechanical transplanting of rice was found the superior and lucrative method of crop establishment with highest B:C ratio.

Profitability, economic analysis, planting methods, yield components.